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Bringing ideas, stories and systems to life.


Ludic believe that Engagement is both a Science and an Art.  The Science of Engagement is informed by Social Psychology, Behavioural Economics and Systems approaches.  The Art of Engagement is based on Cultural Theory, Anthropology, Constructivist approaches and Social Interaction.  

The Digital Realm and the Internet facilitate large scale collaboration, production of media and collaborative authored outcomes. These tools engage large groups of people around the globe like never before. 

State of the art Engagement is multi-channel and multi-media. It touches the hearts and minds of people with memorable experiences and powerful narratives.

Ludic have unique and proven methods, tools and services that can be used for Engagement and Comms programmes of all sizes.  We are experienced in engaging large groups across the globe.

At Ludic we believe that the secret of powerful people engagement is

  • Shared Vision and Purpose - Strong leadership
  • Empowerment to respond to fellow workers and customers
  • Access to excellent tools to get your job done
  • Shared Values
  • Culture that enables you to be yourself with your colleagues, whoever you may be
  • Everyday rituals that promote understanding between people
  • Rapid feedback and clear processes
  • Access to useful knowledge and information
  • Knowing you are achieving your personal goals by being with this Organisation
  • Clear communications
  • Knowing your organisation is doing something important in the world

Questions to address when defining an engagement strategy

  • What is the right blended approach to ensure we Engage our individual employees, leaders, and customers
  • How engaged and enabled do our people feel today - what needs to change?
  • What’s appropriate for the different roles within the organisation?

Introducing SnapShots™
Ludic’s Solution for Engaging Global Organisations

SnapShots™ enable bottom-up and top-down conversations that promote alignment and understanding across huge populations in a very short amount of time. SnapShots™ use a clear Process, provide resources for local teams and are facilitated by our Snapshot App.

Our clients are using them to drive Strategy Alignment, define Values and Behaviours and engage employees in Programmes. They’re fast, they’re sophisticated, they’re simple, they work.

Our process is guided by the belief that when the whole organisation plays a role in defining the strategy of the future, they develop a shared understanding and identification in this strategy. Through rigorous qualitative and quantitative analysis, we determine tactics set forward by participants, and create a visualised version that helps you communicate the overall results.

The strategies developed through this process go through a final stage of review with the executive boards and leadership, who refine the concepts and align them with the organisation. As a result, the strategies and tactics determined by a leadership team can be validated and rapidly rolled-out. We believe this platform is a key tool for enabling organisational agility.

A Blended Approach for Engagement


Powerful and engaging communication

Powerful communication tools, creating engagement across the organisation.

A broad range of communication materials with a new internal visual identity. Posters, web sites, booklets, physical signage, presentations and films. Augmented reality elements and interactive signage in the work environment provide tailored messaging within a consistent overall framework.

Infographics and animations can be distributed virally and link to each individual with the organisation.

Physical, online and interpersonal leadership communication needs to be consistent. We advocate leadership training / activities to support this.


Role modeling and re-inforcement

Role modeling is especially important in shifting culture and behaviours – leadership roadshows, communications and other engagement activities must demonstrate the new ways of working in action.

Ambassadors facilitate team sessions to explore specific areas of the changes and translate what these mean in individual areas.

Interactive knowledge and training platforms bring to life what the changes mean and applications within the workplace.

A cascade approach works well when implementing new processes and technology.




Enable the seeds to grow

Gamification techniques such as competitions or collaborative challenges promote engagement with the content.

Storytelling reinforces new patterns of behaviour and language. It is used to promote new practices and culture.

Engagement and decision support events enable large teams to focus on applying new principles and ways of working. By enabling people to ‘build it themselves’ research shows engagement levels are increased dramatically.

Film-making is a powerful transformational approach – activities, competitions and training use this format to scale engagement.

Online platforms have the power to go way beyond delivering messages. They enable participants to build and engage communities that share and distribute content and resources.


Capture new ideas as they form and spread

An Emergent approach engages stakeholders through mass participation, co-creation and system synthesis tools. This effectively allows the organiation to create new forms by finding the best examples in the current organisation and enabling these to scale.

Scenario based activities promote challenging thinking. Large group online and physical synthesis activities and events refine ideas and new ways of working. Open innovation, connecting to knowledge networks and other connected activities involving stakeholders and customers – bring new ideas into reality.

It’s a great process for enabling an organisation to become responsive to the needs of all of its stakeholders from employees to customers and shareholders.


Great communication design is a combination of a powerful story together with impressive visual design. We combine compelling storytelling with design thinking to create unique programmes and experiences that engage and empower your audience across all channels.

The success of a transformation programme in business largely depends on the level of engagement the programme achieves with the people in the business. We enable businesses transform through impactful communication and engagement techniques.

Fom initial communication and engagement architecture and planning through to realisation of concepts and production of materials, tools, events and technology, Ludic provides a full set of communication and engagement services.



Print Media

Our communication design solutions bring ideas, systems and stories to life and help teams present with impact and communicate to large audiences in an engaging and memorable way. These include rich pictures, film, animations, animates, brochures, posters and other print and promotional materials.

Interactive Media

From interactive booklets to mobile mini apps, from Augmented Reality enriched posters to bespoke experiences, from iBooks to media-rich communication tools, from eMagazines to social networks and crowd sourcing, we ensure that you engage your audience wherever they are - Online, Offline, On the go.



Engagement Events

Branding & Promo

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Web Apps & Microsites

Augmented Reality

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