Ludic's book recommendations in August

Looking for some inspiration in book picking on your summer break? Check out the Ludic team's suggestions.

“The Layout Book”
Gavin Ambrose

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“Power Presentation”
Patsy Rodenburg

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“The Secret Language of Leadership”
Stephen Denning

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“Being Mortal”
Atul Gawande 

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The Art of Innovation”
Tom Kelley, Jonathan Littman

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Future Thinkers Podcast

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Ludic launch Learning Innovation Webinar Series

Ludic launched a series of Learning Innovation Webinars, available through our website, aiming to share some of our insights and methodology to a wider audience, and to help shift mindsets towards an innovative, imaginative way of working.

The series begin focusing on Visual Thinking for Learning.

As experts in engagement, we employ an amazing range of techniques from Board Games to Virtual Reality, to Live drawing and interactive graphics, leveraging our deep understanding of the best way to engage people in data sets, complex narratives and business transformation. The central issue to engaging audiences is creating an initial pull, maintaining momentum and above all, cutting through the noise. The business world can often be dominated by ‘initiatives’ and ‘culture change’ so how best to engage people who are jaded by all this information? 

The Visual Thinking for Learning Webinar examines how people learn, and how best to reach them in this environment. We outline a number of techniques that can be brought together to create a toolkit for anyone to use. We look at humour, layout, images, lettering, narratives, metaphor and even drawing to transform communication into direct, engaging media.  

Informed by our research led approach and experience with leading organisations, the webinar will leave the you excited about the possibilities for your next presentation.   

Ludic’s Creative Director Alex Matthews leads you through a set of digital content that brings to life the range of visual concepts, incorporating interactive elements that will bring you closer to the material.

Alex has worked as a teacher and then as a lecturer and programme leader in Graphic Design and Illustration at university level, as well as a practicing graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist. His work has appeared in a range of publications, including Private Eye magazine. The cartoon collection ‘Private Eye: A Cartoon History’ features his work under the pen name ‘Alexander’.  

Our next webinar series begin in September! Click here to reserve your space for the first session on Visual thinking for Learning.

The Ludic Filming team wins four awards at the Reel Film Challenge

At a glittering awards ceremony hosted in Budapest, the team came away with no less than four awards and several further nominations.

At the beginning of July, a small team of our film colleagues embarked on a European adventure and entered the Reel Film Challenge, an exciting film competition where participants have ten days to travel from London to Budapest and make a short film en route.

With barely any time to even pack equipment, the team jotted down some ideas and hit the road. After several long journeys, language barrier mix-ups and countless sleepless nights, the team successfully completed and submitted their film. It tells a mysterious, intriguing story about a young woman who flees London after an innocent night out turns into something more sinister. In our opinion, it is a fantastic film!

And others seem to agree too! At a glittering awards ceremony hosted in Budapest, the team came away with no less than four awards and several further nominations. They now plan to submit the film to various festivals worldwide. Watch this space! 


Ludic's book recommendations in July

Looking for some inspiration in book picking on your summer break? Check out the Ludic team's suggestions.

"Together is Better: A little Book of inspiration"
Simon Sinek 

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"The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker"
Dorte Nielsen and Sarah Thurber

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"A Smile in the Mind: Witty Thinking in Graphic Design"
revised and expanded edition
Beryl McAlhone and David Stuart

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"You Talking to Me? – Rhetoric from Aristotle to Obama"
Sam Leith 

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"Homo Deus"
Yuval Noah Harari 

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"Grit: Why Passion and Resilience are the Secrets to Success"
Angela Duckworth

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"The Art of Design Management: Design in American Business"
Thomas F. Schutte (editor)

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"Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration"
Ed Catmull with Amy Wallace

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Ludic’s SmartLab and Decision Apps support the 28th Future Trends Forum (FTF) in Madrid

Working with the world’s foremost thinkers and policy makers, the Think Tank's focus this time is Business Model Disruption.

Ludic's Decision Apps, a suite of problem solving and decision making tools, supports the Fondacion Innovacion Bankinter’s Future Trends Forum this week in Madrid. Our SmartLab Decision Apps enable the group to develop ideas, synthesise and make decisions better and faster, in a highly engaging and powerful way.

The Future Trends Forum is the only international, multidisciplinary think tank focused on innovation. Made up of more than 400 experts, the FTF anticipates the future by detecting trends in innovation and analysing their impact on our society and business models. Ludic has been supporting FTF since it was founded 12 years ago.

The Future Trends Forum has been recognised among the top Think Tanks globally in Science and Technology by the Global Think Tank Index Report.


About the Foundation

Bankinter Foundation of Innovation, emerged naturally from the bank’s culture as an extension of Bankinter’s strategic values and pillars. Its resolute mission form its origins, is to implement a breakaway model for societal commitment and contribution, radically distancing itself from the traditional, universally accepted concept of a "foundation". The Foundation is different for many reasons: its focus, target audience, management model, projects, constituent members, partners and collaborators, media presence, the value it brings to society, etc.  The Foundation's mission entails generating and consolidating innovation in the Spanish business world, in support of its ongoing commitment to bringing long-term value to all groups, but especially to entrepreneurs and those who have an impact on economic change. 
The Foundation strives to stimulate wealth creation in the Spanish business environment by seeking knowledge networks that promote tangible innovation anywhere in the world and that anticipate new trends. The target audience consists of all active agents capable of fostering sustainable wealth in the society over any time frame, whether they are existing decision makers (businessmen, entrepreneurs, high-level executives…) or those of the future (university students).

Every year FTF experts detect the innovative trends that will have the largest impact on our near future. They define the key issues and invite the world’s top experts on these to collaborate in Madrid and anticipate challenges brought about by each trend. Following the Madrid meeting, FTF publishes the Future Trends Report presenting these trends and the conclusions drawn on their potential impact aiming to anticipate the future and encourage innovation in society.

The only foundation in the European financial system committed to fostering innovation-sustained wealth.

Ludic collaborators awarded honorable mention by American Architecture Prize 2016

We would like to congratulate Ludic collaborators and friends Studio Banana for their honorable mention by the prestigious American Architecture Prize 2016 for outstanding workplace design.

The honorable mention is in recognition for Studio Banana’s work in transforming a three floor 1950s textile factory in Madrid, Spain (6.200 m2 / 66.700 sqft) into a state of the art global headquarters for McCann Worldgroup. To learn more about the project, click here


About Studio Banana

Studio Banana is a multidisciplinary and international creative platform. Studio Banana know that diverse minds put together come up with more creative solutions. Their way of working is radically collaborative and they apply this ethos both within their multidisciplinary team as well as with their partners and clients. Using decision-support techniques and diagonal thinking methods they engage in highly creative exercises leading to breakthrough solutions. Visit their website


About the American Architecture Prize

The mission of the AAP is to advance the appreciation and exposure of quality architectural design worldwide. The American Architecture Prize celebrates creativity and innovation in the fields of architectural design, landscape architecture, and interior design. AAP welcomes submissions from architects all around the world. Visit their website.