Strategy & Decision Making

Knowing where to go and how to get there fast

Strategy & Decision Making

Developing a living strategy that is agile and engages your people is vital for your organisation’s success. Our teams work with you to support your strategy definition, development and realisation by accelerating decision making.

Our programmes are designed to encourage the rapid creation and dissemination of robust and innovative strategy and tactics. Ideas are tested through scenario planning and simulations and then iterated to the best outcome.

Design. Decide. Act.


Working alongside executive and leadership teams, we design impactful strategies to encourage sustainable futures. With rigorous research and design innovations, we ensure that teams can come together with the right information and processes to make and test decisions in an accelerated timeframe.

Programme Alignment
and Implementation

Large programmes that touch many areas of an organisation can be difficult to manage.   Our methods enable swift and inspiring change that is accessible to all stakeholders. We help programme teams to engage, increase alignment and accelerate working and provide tools and methods to enable effective collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Decision Making

Successful strategies require engagement, effective collaboration and alignment across global teams. We design, produce and facilitate worldclass Smart Labs, our unique decision events delivered in Ludic’s “Smart” environments. Our design thinking approach accelerates decision making by optimising a group’s ability to work information in a collaborative way.