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Ludic Co-Founders and Partners Paul Ashcroft and Garrick Jones announced speakers at the Digital Transformation Conference 2017

Paul Ashcroft & Garrick Jones will be speaking at 16:25 on Thursday November 23rd, 2017

Join Paul and Garrick at the Digital Transformation Conference, the leading meeting place for digital business leaders, and discover Ludic’s unique Tools for Digital Transformation!  The conference will be held on November 23rd, 2017, at the America Square Conference Centre in London.

Digital Transformation is reinventing organisations through the use of digital technology. The pace of change over the last five years has been hugely significant with businesses accelerating their digital capabilities at an astonishing rate.

With this rapid transformation comes the need to properly harness digital technologies and put them into effective use. The Digital Transformation Conference brings together leaders spearheading digital initiatives in their organisations to offer insights, education and case studies on what can be a confusing environment.

Paul and Garrick will be joined by other speakers and over 200 digital technologists to discover how businesses are taking control of their technology and driving digital innovation to new levels across the enterprise.

The day will be structured with keynote presentations, panel discussions, networking, product demonstrations and more. (Agenda available here). Paul Ashcroft & Garrick Jones will be speaking at 16:25 on Thursday November 23rd, 2017. 

Key topics to be discussed at the Conference include:

  • Re-Imagining Business Processes
  • Redefining Customer Relationships
  • Leveraging the Wider Ecosystem
  • Digital Vision, Strategy, Skills & Leadership
  • Digital Disruption: New Digital Technologies
  • Digital Transformation Initiatives

The conference will be Digitally Scribed live by Ludic Creatives, Roar Media Partners for the second time after our successful collaboration at Tech for Britain, in June.

About Ludic and the Speakers

Paul Ashcroft and Garrick Jones co-founded The Ludic Group in 2004, growing it to a global, award winning consulting business. They provide transformation, engagement and learning solutions for some of the world’s biggest organisations.

Headquartered in the UK, Ludic Group works with clients such as Coca Cola, Novartis, and many more of the Fortune 500, radically shifting the way change is delivered and putting people at the centre of digital transformation. The company’s business model radically innovates traditional consulting and is getting superior results. 

Paul Ashcroft

Paul is known for creating smarter ways of working for organisations around the world. With a background in mathematics and strategic consulting, Paul applies principles of Innovation and Design Thinking to large scale transformation, people engagement and capability building. During his career, Paul has worked with many of the world’s leading companies to design strategy, align their leadership team and engage and develop their people. As an entrepreneur and investor, Paul has a successful track record in establishing and growing creative and technology-based businesses.

Garrick Jones

Garrick Jones is a businessman, academic and musician based in London. He is a Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) where he has introduced Capstone programmes and designed the ground-breaking Open Innovation Programme. His research is focused on organisational Decision-making and the Creative Economies. He is a Founding Partner of The Ludic Group where his research into Cloud Based Transformation Consulting, Digital Learning Programmes and Engagement are put into practice. He works with the most recognised corporate organisations in the world, governments, and the UN and UNDP. Garrick is interested in how very large systems are able to transform themselves through learning and outcomes based decision-making. Wearing his musical hat, Garrick composes for films, contemporary artists and performance.

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