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Paul Ashcroft and Garrick Jones take Ludic’s Tools for Digital Transformation to the stage

Digital Transformation Conference 2017


Paul Ashcroft and Garrick Jones presented Ludic’s Tools for Digital Transformation at the Digital Transformation Conference 2017 that was held November 23 in London. With a great line-up of speakers and highly engaged audience, Paul and Garrick gave real-world examples of how new Digital Tools are enabling organisations to shift themselves.  

Ludic is radically and powerfully shifting the delivery model and business model for consulting. As organisations needs change and create huge global challenges, Ludic is inventing new tools to support client needs. 

These tools enable organisations successfully address challenges such as: How to create a strategy with a global leadership team with zero air miles (Smart Events), how to engage the global organisation in the transformation in 6 weeks (Snapshot), and how you create a bespoke learning journey for thousands of simultaneous learners globally (SmartLab Next Generation Learning). 

Taking the audience through three award winning case studies, Paul and Garrick presented the unique Ludic powerful tools features and stressed the importance in putting people at the heart of digital transformation and engagement, while providing personalised and flexible experiences tailored to the individual. 

To get a copy of the presentation or to find more about Ludic’s Tools for Digital Transformation please contact Aliki Paolinelis at


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