Experience Centre

Case Study 01


Design a custom, state-of-the-art 400 square metre room for one of the world’s leading consulting firms. The space will respond to key Use Case needs and will enable group collaboration and decision-making. It will support multiple technology platforms, combining the audio and the visual with the latest collaboration and knowledge-sharing apps.


Through a series of activities, we engaged Use Case representatives in the development of a defined set of event and space requirements. Using multiple communication and collaboration tools (such as individual conversations, workshops, and team assignments), we developed a deep understanding of key stakeholder relationships and visions for future engagement and collaboration events. Working alongside Studio Banana and with organisation leaders, we transformed these space requirements into an architectural design that responds to the needs of its future users. The design incorporated a framework for technology that would be utilized in the space. Accompanying the architectural and technology proposal, we developed event frameworks that defined the ways of using the space. We also provided philosophy and theoretical basis that supports event development and delivery. The space proposal has been approved by the organisational board and is under construction. It is set to open and host its first event in the summer of 2015.

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