Global Transformation and Innovation

Case Study 05


To create the blueprint of vision and destination for the model future finance function and the roadmap to deliver this for a global soft drinks company.


We created an immersive three day strategic Design Event to bring together the Financial Leaders and Business Partners from across the Business Group.This complex Group manages more than 90 countries across 3 continents. The event was designed to enable participants to create a powerful future vision and deliverable strategy for Finance. This new Finance model is intended to deliver extraordinary results for the business, working partnership with Business Units and other stakeholders.

The Ludic team provided an immersive experience. We created a bespoke mobile DesignWork space and provided full facilitation support. This included event design and production and real-time multi-media documentation such as films, Animates and information design. The ‘Blueprint’ for delivery is now used as the ‘reference manual’ for the transformation.

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