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Decision Apps

Better decisions, faster.

SmartLab Decision Apps

Our decision apps support the processes that large groups use to solve problems and make decisions. Better decisions, faster.

Use SmartLab Apps to support your team’s online decision making. Whether engaging a team in an ideation session or getting aligned on the goals and priorities, SmartLab provides the right apps to support your work online.

SmartLab provides a powerful set of online collaboration tools and decision making apps. You can customise your SmartLab package based on the Apps that are most suited to your needs.


Brainstorm with your team and visualise the ideas.

BrainStormer enables rapid content generation and generates powerful insights when combined with other data on demographics and geographic location.


With the Innovation Hopper you can run mass ideation sessions, accelerate decision making in teams and capture valuable data, live.

Innovation Hopper actively engages your community in capturing and prioritising their ideas. It facilitates idea generation followed by a structured process for choosing the best ideas to take forward. This process captures feedback from your stakeholders and helps to prioritise actions in line with the goal.


Visual scribing is the art of converting the key points of a discussion into graphic format.

Live Scribe enables a visual scribe to be present and document the SmartLab™ session to bring the content to life for participants. Live Scribe is engaging to watch and enhances the participation.


IdeasMatrix provides a collaborative and visual approach to establishing the relationship between ideas.

This can be applied in a variety of ways from grouping ideas to organising people. Matrix enables you to build on ideas and organise them into plans as well as adding notes, links, files and comments to capture lots of information on one, easy-to-navigate canvas.


TrendCompass provides interactive and engaging surveys and analyses response data in real time to establish emerging trends.

It features a variety of flexible question and response formats that enable you to collect and show participant insights in a rapid format leading to enhanced decision making.


RoadMap enables collaborative, real time mapping of activities, milestones and responsible teams within an online setting.

The single calendar view ensures alignment of participants and enables you to quickly establish the sequence of events required to take a high level vision and turn it into reality.