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Event Production

Strategy and decision-making events that promote engagement and innovation.

From strategy workshops to multi-day events, Ludic enable teams and leaders to create clear and ambitious goals, bringing the future into focus.

Creating strong stakeholder alignment around a clear future vision and purpose is paramount. Alignment amongst individuals produces intention and motivation around the tasks. The more people you align around a specific objective and give them useful tools the more you will enable that network of individuals to shift in that direction. Ludic has proven methodologies for creating powerful, shared organisational goals. We use a non-linear, multidisciplinary approach that brings together all knowledge and stakeholders in accelerated collaboration events both together and online.

We call them Design Events. These events enable very large groups of stakeholders to design solutions together. They can be used for future visioning, programme alignment, process design, detailed system design and more. Events can be one to five days in length. Participant group size from 25-1000 people. They can be in a single physical environment, or distributed virtually over time and distance – connected via collaboration hubs and / or Ludic’s digital transformation platform: SmartLab.

Our Event Production Services

Design Events
Smart Events