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How to make your digital transformation more successful

How to ensure digital transformation success


5 reasons why Ludic’s SmartLab is the right tool for your organisation to accelerate effective decision making and support your transformation journey.

5 reasons why Ludic’s SmartLab is the right tool for your organisation

SmartLab is Ludic’s state of the art powerful cloud-based consulting and transformation platform, providing the tools for your organisation’s digital transformation. SmartLab is a proven, cost effective platform for global implementation that allows your global teams to connect, learn, engage, collaboratively make decisions, create solutions, bring new ideas to life and accelerate delivery. It is a complete toolkit to enable your organisation self-transform.

SmartLab is the solution to the new digital reality request for new agile ways of working, next generation learning, and people engagement and contribution to the transformation journey, while putting people at the heart of it.

Here are five reasons why Smartlab is the right toolkit for your digital transformation: 

1. SmartLab’s design thinking approach is a Creative Process

With a simple interface, its decision apps guide and support your teams through rapid, iterative design cycles to optimise and accelerate the way they work information, solve problems and make decisions.

2. SmartLab offers a flexible framework for collaboration and decision making

It enables global teams to work together simultaneously in highly energised ways, to access invaluable visual information on progress and results, and to parallel process different aspects of the transformation across the organisation.

Each decision app performs a unique function to support every step of the “decision by design” process. The apps can be configured according to your organisation’s needs. Through a structured process, it enables aligning goals and priorities, mass ideation sessions,  synthesis and documentation. SmartLab enables people collaborate in a meaningful way. 

3. SmartLab allows simultaneous delivery of smart events, engagement and next generation learning programmes at a global scale. 

As well as the collaboration and engagement functionality, world-class subject matter experts and content libraries, the platform can be used to manage and deliver Ludic’s state-of-the-art next generation learning programmes, unique engagement solutions and smart events and workshops delivered virtually at a global scale simultaneously - due to the fact that the platform has exclusively been developed to respond to global organisations needs such as:

• How do I create a strategy with my global leadership team with zero air miles? 

• How do I engage my global organisation in the transformation?

• How do you create a bespoke learning journey, an entirely bespoke learning journey for thousands of learners when they’re working simultaneously?

4. SmartLab is proven to achieve optimal results for virtual teams as effectively as physical teams.

 With SmartLab, your virtual teams can work together as effectively as your physical teams and all stakeholders can be engaged in the decision-making process as it allows multiple communities working simultaneously across time and distance, can be co-ordinated as required on a single, over-arching dashboard. The community is highly connected and animated throughout to maintain engagement levels and effectiveness. 

5. Real time Reporting and Analytics minimise the risk

Iterative approaches are lower risk and SmartLab’s visualisation of progress and results in real time mean that benefits are quickly realised and course correction or adjustment in strategies can be made as appropriate.


What’s we’ve learned over 15 years of research and practice is that tools should be build focusing on people’s needs rather than the technology in itself and provide real time feedback and offer multimedia and mixed realities to make it more interesting and bridge the gap between technology and the individual to bring it all together. A single platform is there not to create digital chaos but rather allow your organisaiton shift its culture and plug in experts and tools as you need it, making sure that the virtual communities are animated, people are involved in meaningful conversations and actively contribute to delivering the business strategy. Make it about personal experiences for people within the organisaiton and the organisation successfully transform. 

Ludic’s Award winning SmartLab and its decision apps have been supporting some of the world’s best global organisation and Think Tanks, leading organisations transformation journeys and strategic decision-making events with proven results.