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ALIVE: Digital Humans and their Organizations is travelling across the world’s C-suites

Check out what the authors have to say about their book, who it is for and what they are aiming to achieve with it!

Paul Ashcroft and Garrick Jones book has arrived and is traveling across C-suites around the globe, inspiring the world’s most influential leaders in their journey to digitally transforming their organisations.

"Paul and Garrick lead the transformation pack in an analog world. They have just taken transformation thinking to a whole new level for our digital world." 
Mark Harden 
CFO, Eurasia and Africa Group, Head of Global Finance Transformation, The Coca-Cola Company (2011-2017)

“Ashcroft and Jones apply their pragmatic and thought-provoking approach to the age of digital, addressing the biggest questions on the impact for humans, organisations and our whole civilization.”
Simon Brown
Global Head, Learning Centre of Expertise and Novartis Universities, Novartis

"Paul and Garrick are at the cutting edge of real time digital innovation. This book is an exciting exploration of what digital means for us and our organisations. It provides the practical know-how required to succeed in the future.”
Ella Bennett
Group People Director, easyJet

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Novartis kick off their Digital Capability Building Strategy and launch the Digital Awareness Hub

"Yesterday we achieved the first step in our digital capability building strategy, the launch of the Digital Awareness Hub."

Yesterday saw the launch of the Digital Awareness Hub at Novartis, a central learning and engagement platform within the organisation and the first step in their digital capability building strategy. Working with the Global Head of the Learning Centre of Excellence at Novartis and a team of key stakeholders from different business areas, Ludic designed and build a state-of-the-art rich media platform to connect all associates to digital capabilities, best-in-class projects, insights and communities. The MOOC enables associates to create their personal digital learning journey to explore what digital means across the different business areas at Novartis and connects them to relevant tools, content and people.

"Yesterday we achieved the first step in our digital capability building strategy, the launch of the Digital Awareness Hub, a MOOC accessible to all Novartis associates to demystify digital. 24 hours later and 6.5k people have checked it out, we have over 100k page views, 10k videos watched and already 350 digital badges awarded!"
- Simon Brown, Global Head, Learning Centre of Excellence and Novartis Universities at Novartis

#GoDigital #Novartis #DigitalTransformation #Ludic

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Ludic’s SmartLab and Decision Apps support the 30th Future Trends Forum (FTF) in Sintra, Portugal.

Working with the world’s foremost thinkers and policy makers, the Think Tank's focus this time is  Technologies Disrupting Cities.


Ludic's Decision Apps, a suite of problem-solving and decision-making tools powered by Ludic SmartLab, support the Fundacion Innovacion Bankinter’s Future Trends Forum this week in Sintra, Portugal.  Our SmartLab Decision Apps enable the group to develop ideas, synthesise and make decisions better and faster, in a highly engaging and powerful way.

Ludic’s Decision Apps support the digital transformation processes that large groups use to solve problems and accelerate change. The apps leverage the SmartLab collaboration tools and support every stage of a decision-making process.

The Future Trends Forum is the only international, multidisciplinary think tank focused on innovation. Made up of more than 400 experts, the FTF anticipates the future by detecting trends in innovation and analysing their impact on our society and business models. Ludic has been supporting FTF since it was founded 15 years ago.

The Future Trends Forum has been recognised among the top Think Tanks globally in Science and Technology by the Global Think Tank Index Report. 

The current meeting will be discussing how New Technologies, and other drivers of change such as Migration and political Economy, Open Data Platforms, Shifting Behaviour and Priorities will impact Citizens and Cities. Participants will explore the implications of these drivers on the way citizens move, work, consume, relate, live their leisure time, collaborate with the government as well as how the cities create smart, distributed infrastructure, how they will provide for mobility, adjust land use, achieve sustainability and develop resilience, the opportunities and the most important challenges to overcome. 

Follow us this week: #FTFCities @Ludicgroup


About the Foundation

Bankinter Foundation of Innovation, emerged naturally from the bank’s culture as an extension of Bankinter’s strategic values and pillars. Its resolute mission form its origins, is to implement a breakaway model for societal commitment and contribution, radically distancing itself from the traditional, universally accepted concept of a "foundation". The Foundation is different for many reasons: its focus, target audience, management model, projects, constituent members, partners and collaborators, media presence, the value it brings to society, etc.  The Foundation's mission entails generating and consolidating innovation in the Spanish business world, in support of its ongoing commitment to bringing long-term value to all groups, but especially to entrepreneurs and those who have an impact on economic change. 
The Foundation strives to stimulate wealth creation in the Spanish business environment by seeking knowledge networks that promote tangible innovation anywhere in the world and that anticipate new trends. The target audience consists of all active agents capable of fostering sustainable wealth in the society over any time frame, whether they are existing decision makers (businessmen, entrepreneurs, high-level executives…) or those of the future (university students).

Every year FTF experts detect the innovative trends that will have the largest impact on our near future. They define the key issues and invite the world’s top experts on these to collaborate in Madrid and anticipate challenges brought about by each trend. Following the Madrid meeting, FTF publishes the Future Trends Report presenting these trends and the conclusions drawn on their potential impact aiming to anticipate the future and encourage innovation in society.

The only foundation in the European financial system committed to fostering innovation-sustained wealth.

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ALIVE: Digital Humans and their Organizations - Book coming out in less than 2 weeks!

We are all Digital Humans now. What does this mean for how we live and how we work? How do Digital Humans thrive in a connected world?

We are delighted to announce the release of ALIVE: Digital Humans and their Organizations, by Paul Ashcroft and Garrick Jones, Ludic Co-Founders and Partners.

We are all Digital Humans now. What does this mean for how we live and how we work? How do Digital Humans thrive in a connected world?

Life and work today is a connected mass of networks, people and technology. This connected world is so complex and fast evolving that it can be considered Alive!

In this provocative and insightful book, available on May 24th, Paul and Garrick shine a light on how to activate organizations so that they can transform themselves – and what digital means for the people who work with them.

Pre-order your copy here!


About the authors

Paul Ashcroft and Garrick Jones founded the Ludic Group in 2004 and have been inventing smarter ways of working and disrupting traditional consulting ever since. Their award-winning group uses digital tools to accelerate global change in the world’s biggest organizations.

Paul has a background in mathematics and computer science. As an entrepreneur and investor, Paul has a successful track record in establishing and growing creative and technology-based businesses.

Garrick has a background in politics, economics and psychology. He is a Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He is also a musician. He composes for films, contemporary artists and performance. 


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Reimagining the workplace of the future: Key report findings in pictures

"Organisations need to create a supportive environment for flexible working and invest in providing this flexibility in the ways the employee of the future has already come to expect."

In the Reimagining the workplace of the future report, Ludic surveyed more than 5000 UK people to highlight the fundamental changes taking place in our working environment, both physical and emotional, and the role technology is playing in driving a new approach to people engagement and communication, learning and business transformation.

This report highlights the fundamental changes that need to be put in place for organisations to succeed in the digitally enabled working environment. Organisations need to create a supportive environment for flexible working and invest in providing this flexibility in the ways the employee of the future has already come to expect. The traditional model of going to a fixed daily place of work is rapidly changing. Work is taking place online, wherever people may be. The best organisations will ensure continuity and effectiveness of work no matter where people are located.” Paul Ashcroft, co-founder and partner, the Ludic Group

In today’s hyper-connected world, change is the new norm. The opportunities presented by this new reality are immense, for those in the position to grasp them. Global organisations cannot afford to be complacent. To survive and thrive in the future, they must shift away from traditional ways of working with their entire ecosystem of customers, partners, suppliers and people into more agile, technology enabled businesses. While many are ready to accept that large-scale transformation is the way forward, they are still struggling with fixed programme plans that do not enable them to keep momentum and rapidly scale up. We hope that the findings will turn up the volume on the programmes organisations need to put in place to keep up with digital transformation, and engage and enable their people in shaping their successful futures.” Garrick Jones, co-founder and partner, The Ludic Group

Download the key findings (PDF)

Get the full report

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Ludic recognised as Strong Performer in the 2018 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning.

Ludic and its Next Generation Learning solutions have been recognised as Strong Performer in the 2018 Fosway 9-Grids™ for Digital Learning, published January 23, 2018.

Ludic, designs and delivers award winning next generation learning programmes, enabling some of the world’s largest organisations transform their L&D offering and rapidly build capability at a global scale. Ludic’s unique SmartLab™ software, developed fully in house, provides a powerful, engaging and fun environment for the delivery of flexible and fully personalised blended, multi-dimensional learning experiences, tailored to the individual, relevant to their needs and linked to the business strategy objectives.

“It is an honour to be recognised for changing the game in Next Generation Learning. Our positioning as Strong Performers by Fosway Group, is a testament of our 15 years of research and practice to developing and delivering fast, powerful, digital and bespoke learning prorammes for our clients worldwide. We call our tool for it SmartLab™, our clients call it revolution in learning!”, said Paul Ashcroft, Ludic Group Founding Partner.

Ludic SmartLab embraces a wide range of emerging technologies for performance support, content curation, engagement, mixed realities, knowledge management, collaboration, community animation, gamification and many more. It also ties well together with traditional LMS tools and talent management systems that are already in place within an organization. Taking all of this into a new dimension, Ludic’s Digital Learning solutions are landscaping the future of learning in an ever evolving global workplace.

“We are committed to the continuous improvement of our technology and content, always focusing on the value added to the organisations implementing large scale next generation learning programmes, which when executed well, enable them to build vital transformative skills, mindsets and behaviours, faster and more cost-effectively than ever before”, added Garrick Jones, Ludic Group Founding Partner. 

Fosway Group is Europe's #1 HR and learning analyst, The Fosway Group 9-Grid™ report for digital learning is a multi-dimensional model that can be used to understand the relative position of solutions and providers, predominantly within the UK and European market. It allows you to compare different solutions based on their Performance, Potential, Market Presence, Total Cost of Ownership and Future Trajectories across the market.
Read the Full Report Here:


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