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Reimagining the Workplace of the Future

A Ludic Report on the impact of technology on employee engagement, learning and communication.

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This study highlights the fundamental changes taking place in our working environment, both physical and emotional, and the role technology is playing in driving a new approach to people engagement and communication, learning and business transformation.

There is a profound and seismic shift in the way people are working, communicating and learning. Organisations of all sizes are experiencing the impact of Digital and the increasing dominance it has over our lives.

In this report, we seek to identify the current changes and challenges people based in the UK are facing. We investigate the drivers behind the changes, such as technology, flexible working, globalisation and personalisation and uncover the way organisations and their people are adapting to them.

We hope that the findings will turn up the volume on the strategies and tactics that organisations need to put in place to engage, enable their people and shape their futures in our digital world. 

At Ludic, we proudly support our global clients, helping them to rapidly transform themselves. We leverage more than 20 years of research and practice – science combined with art. Our commitment to innovation and problem solving enables us to be at the forefront of creating value in the new digital reality.

Download the report


In this report: