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Smart Events

Smart Apps for Smart Events.

Powerful collaborative decision making

Ludic SmartEvents enhance engagement and collaboration to enable clients to accelerate strategy alignment across global teams. SmartEvents are a facilitated online experiences for 10-100 people using a structured decision making process with measurable outcomes, supported by a set of fun and engaging online apps and tools.

Ludic designs, produces and facilitates world class SmartEvents and these can be provided in multiple formats ranging from single online events to multiple iterative events.

You can use SmartEvents to

  • Develop Strategy
  • Create alignment
  • Accelerate decision making
  • Work collaboratively with teams in different locations
  • Visualise and capture ideas in real time
  • Build commitment

Ludic has deep experience with the world's best organisations using SmartEvents for the following topic areas

  • Global Strategy and Alignment
  • Finance 2.0 enabling the Finance Organisation to align with Strategic Goals and Drive Business Value
  • Pharma 2.0 implementing the New Pharma Realities, driven by Big Data and Patient Centred Development, across Global Organisations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions speed to value, alignment and radical employee engagement
  • Banking enabling Banks to rapidly align with new policy and cultural requirements
  • Innovation promoting cultures of innovation, rapid development tools and proven speed to market methodologies
  • Supply Chain Alignment enabling rapid shifts to new network realities across the Globe
  • Big Data and Analytics promoting the use of the New Analytics Ecosystem for real-time decision-making