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Digitally enabled Transformation

The environment for great work to take place, online.

Our unique blend of online decision-making tools is provided though a central platform, the Ludic SmartLab. SmartLab is at the heart of digitally enabled transformation.

SmartLab provides an agile, digital approach to problem solving. Using our Design Thinking approach it enables global and virtual teams to accelerate delivery though a series of rapid iteration cycles. These tools ensure 100% Results, with 0 Airmiles, saving time and reducing cost, while providing a structured and highly collaborative way of working for global teams.

SmartLab can be facilitated by an expert Ludic team, or through Accredited SmartLab Architects. Each SmartLab has a supporting content library with tools, templates and training materials. Decision Apps are at the core of the SmartLab approach. They support the processes that teams use to solve problems and make decisions.

Each app has a unique function that supports each stage of the Design Thinking Process. This could be a brainstorming session, a planning meeting, or a prioritisation discussion. The apps are also used in combination to create a sequence of activities. Over time participants will learn, share ideas, and see their work synthesised and visualised in real-time.



What's included in the framework:

Chat & discussion tools
for participant dialogues

Facilitator panel
to guide the session

Resource library
for accessing and sharing content

People profiles
and communities of interest

Calendar tools
to schedule tasks and sessions

to keep participants informed

SmartLab is the central platform that houses the decision apps.

It contains a collection of collaboration tools that are applied to every activity, whether brainstorming and developing ideas within a small team or engaging thousands of employees in a series of facilitated events. The SmartLab platform is intuitive to use and integrates with your existing enterprise tools.