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The solution to global capability building

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SmartLearning is Ludic’s combination of expert content with state of the art virtual delivery.

We combine elements of the virtual and physical world, in order to create a personalised and engaging learning experience. Imagine a capability building experience - with state of the art learning content, fully virtual delivery, a bespoke learning journey tailored to each individual - together with one to one coaching and virtual classrooms.

This is Ludic’s Smart Learning methodology.

SmartLearning Portal

Connect People, Knowledge and Ideas.

The SmartLearning Portal is a powerful web based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution supporting knowledge sharing, collaboration, ideation and people development. Its easy-to-use interface and streamlined functionality enables rapid knowledge transfer across programme teams.


Hosted securely in the cloud, the SmartLearning Portal is available from anywhere at any time with any device; no software installation required.


The unique SmartLearning Portal interface concept automatically adjusts to a user's device, whether it's an office computer or an iPad. Furthermore, resources and discussions visually reflect popularity and activities for users to immediately identify trending items.


Whether a new comment has been added to something you uploaded or a new discussion has been started around a subject that is relevant to you, automatic notification (on sceen and via email) ensure you always know what's happening in your SmartLearning Portal community.


Need to cater for a global audience in more than one language? With the SmartLearning Portal you can support multiple timezones languages for a truly personal and customised user experience.


Align Learning to Strategy.

Deploy learning programmes in a timely and cost effective manner. Add myLearn to myDashboard to manage and deploy SCORM compliant learning courses and track your community's online learning progress with ease.

Joined Up Learning.

Role out learning content through online courses, learning material and physical classes across your community or workforce. Deliver subject matter knowledge, communicate your organisational culture and track the progress.

A unique approach to delivering learning.

Integrated into the SmartLearning Portal community platform, SmartLearning allows you to make learning content available where and when it's most useful and in the context of conversations relevant to your audience.

Easy Management and deployment.

SmartLearning enables managers to take full control of their team's access to learning content, provide related resources and engage them in related discussions.


Because the SmartLearning Portal is deployed as Software-as-a-Service, your learning community can easily scale to any number of users and provide access to any amount of content.


SmartLearning offers a flexible solution where each participant can be certified and integrated within its internal workflow system.

Social Learning.

Facilitate conversations around learning content and enable your employees to benefit from each other’s knowledge.