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The solution for engaging global organisations

SnapShot uses SmartLab to enable bottom-up and top-down conversations that promote alignment and understanding across large populations in a short amount of time. SnapShot use a clear process and expert facilitation. SnapShot cover a large range of topics such as driving strategy alignment, defining values and engaging employees across large programs.

Engage your organisation.

The SnapShot Process

Our process is guided by the belief that when the whole organisation plays a role in defining the strategy of the future, they develop a shared understanding and identification in this strategy. Through rigorous qualitative and quantitative analysis, we determine tactics set forward by participants, and create a visualised version that helps you communicate the overall results.

The strategies developed through this process go through a final stage of review with the executive boards and leadership, who refine the concepts and align them with the organisation. As a result, the strategies and tactics determined by a leadership team can be validated and rapidly rolled-out. We believe this platform is a key tool for enabling organisational agility.

Snapshots are highly customised to the client’s objectives and typically contain the following core stages: