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The future of learning

Personalisation at a global scale

The nature of work and the workforce is changing. Organisations are now faced with continuous disruption – social, political, regulatory, technological and economic. In the face of these pressures, continuous learning is key for an adaptive, competitive workforce with strategically relevant skills. Yet there is constant pressure on quality, cost and compliance.

Getting what you want when you need it

The future of learning for the individual is about getting what they want, when they want it and in the way they want it. For organisations today, the challenge is build capability quickly and in a cost-effective way that adapts to support their evolving strategy.

Never before has there been greater need for learning programmes that are not only on demand, relevant and tailored but also flexible, scalable, personalised, iterative and measurable.

Digital changes everything

This is, of course, where digital comes in. Digital changes everything and offers unprecedented opportunities for learning. But it must incorporate all best-practice elements to succeed.

The key to the future of learning lies in the creation of best-in-class digital learning experiences for large groups of people in an organisational context. These experiences can offer bespoke learning journeys to each participant – all while allowing businesses to deliver their strategy in a cost-effective way. 

Personalisation at a global scale

At Ludic we have developed deeply engaging and immersive, on demand and flexible blended learning experiences that are entirely personalised and scalable for cohorts of thousands of simultaneous learners. Blending digital delivery and state-of-the-art learning content with one-to-one coaching and virtual classrooms for large groups of people across the globe, this unique approach has successfully delivered compelling, collaborative, cost-effective and award-winning learning programmes.

This learner-centric approach sees fully flexible custom-built programmes designed around not only the learning and development needs of participants, but also the needs of their day-to-day lives.

The complete learner experience – the objectives, pace and depth or level of learning, as well as the time and location of study, teaching, assessment and certification – is carefully thought through and designed in terms of content, process, learning elements and the overall architecture of the programme.

Find out more about how Ludic’s award-winning tools and methods can help take your organisation’s learning programmes into the future.