Visual Scribing

Bringing ideas to life

Visual scribing (also known as graphic recording) helps people get the most out of their meeting or event by capturing ideas, insights and decisions in a way that is memorable and inspiring. Whether you’re looking to discuss a product life-cycle, a structural shake-up or a customer journey, our business-literate visual scribes can help simplify and streamline your message using live, remote or digital scribing.

Live Scribing

Whether it's one scribe or a small team of scribes, we attend your event and synthesise hours of content into memorable key messages, inspiring new ideas and conversations as we draw.

Remote Scribing

If you want to keep air miles down, or need to hold a virtual meeting across different continents, we connect remotely into your event via webcam or audio and capture the ideas and conversations from our artist's studio.

Digital Scribing

Powered by an online gallery and tablet technology, we draw the big ideas of an event and share them with multiple audiences across the world. Go viral your way by using the online gallery to help drive engagement across social media platforms. Or keep things confidential by locking down the online gallery so your ideas remain with your global team.

Enabling creative excellence.

Capturing a Vision Workshop, South of France.

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Promoting big ideas.

Capturing the FEI Conference in Vienna, Venice, Frankfurt and Boston

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Stepping into the Future.

Creating a future state & road map, Barcelona.

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Embedding learning.

Capturing The Marketing Society's Annual Conference, London.

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Enabling ideation.

Capturing a round table discussion in London, San Francisco & Singapore

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Sharing ideas globally.

Capturing a global strategy workshop from our studio in New York

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Connecting online and offline communities.

Sharing the big ideas of visioning workshops held in Switzerland from our London and New York studios.

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